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Minibox is a WordPress Theme that is built specifically for Bloggers and Marketers, Sin embargo, it offers a variety of custom components and functions to become a Multi Niche and Multi-Purpose Theme for every kind of WordPress publishers.

We’ve been obsessed with providing excellent user experience and lightning fast content for both Readers and Authors while providing an easy to use, optimized theme and beautifully crafted valid codes.

Being a flawlessly working bridge between customized components, theme options and native WordPress features like WordPress Customizer, creating pages, editing posts and customizing the theme becomes a true joy.

Minibox comes with 5 Different Slider Styles, 2 Different Slider Container, First Post Style Selector, 4 Different Post Loop Styles and 4 Post diferentes tipos. Definable Custom Ad Boxes (before and after each page content) helps you to monetize your website even further. Check out all the options here.

Customized styles and functions for popular plugins like MailChimp for WordPress and Instagram Feed also included in the core files, so all you have to do is configuring the plugins and they will look beautifully aligned with the theme design. Minibox is also supports One-Click Demo Importer to enrich the theme experience with one click demo import. So you can make your website just like the demo in minutes, literalmente.

Lista de funciones

  • Mobile Responsive design
  • Valid and Performant code
  • Demo de un solo clic importación
  • Eye-catching and modern Featured Slider
  • Social Media icons in Header and Footer
  • Instagram Stripe in the Footer Area
  • Área de pie de página widgetized
  • Page and Post Based Options
  • Sidebar Location Selector – Derecho / Izquierda
  • 5 Different Slider Style
    • Estilo slider 1 – Single Center Aligned
    • Estilo slider 2 – Single Left Aligned
    • Estilo slider 3 – Two Featured Post with Center Aligned
    • Estilo slider 4 – Three Featured Post with Center Aligned Content
    • Estilo slider 5 – Four Featured Post with Center Aligned Content
  • 2 Different Slider Container
    • Boxed Slider Container
    • Full-width Slider Container
  • Slider Loop Category Selector
  • Slider Loop Count Selector
  • First Post Style Selector
    • Inherit
    • Estilo post 1
    • Estilo post 2
  • 4 Post diferentes estilos
    • Estilo post 1 – Clásico
    • Estilo post 2 – Redefined
    • Estilo post 3 – News Bar
    • Estilo post 4 – Moderna red
  • Post Category Selector
  • Post Count Selector
  • Built-in Ads Area for Before and After Content
  • 3 Different Post Type
    • Imagen Post
    • Audio & Video Post
    • Galería Post
  • Options powered by WordPress’ Personalizador
    • Brand Container Height
    • Logo Width
    • Header Position – Fijo / Estática
    • Header Search – Enable / Desactivar
    • Iconos de redes sociales (Definable networks)
    • Theme Accent Color
    • Color de fondo del cuerpo
    • Sidebar Location Selector – Global
    • Featured Category Selector
    • Copyright texto de pie de página
  • Estilos personalizados para “MailChimp para WordPress” plugin for Sidebar Widget.
  • Estilos personalizados para “Instagram Feed” plugin for Footer feeds.
  • Widget personalizado de mensajes recientes
  • Custom Popular Tags Widget
  • All standart WordPress Widgets included
  • Funciona con WP 4.6+

Theme Support and Customizations

WordPress core is same but themes are not. We are providing full support through e-mail to help you to solve any kind of issues related to Minibox. Upon your request, customizations* are also available for your website to help you to publish your content with the way you want it.

* Customizations are not free and quote will be given upon a request. We’re currently providing design and coding customizations as well as Theme Setup for only WCORE Themes. Get in touch with us to request a quote: custom@wcorethemes.com

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