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Qué es esto?

Otohits.net, fast and efficient autosurf

It is a solution for online stores (WooCommerce) who are working with currencys that are not accepted by Paypal.

Por ejemplo:

We have a store that works with UYU (Uruguayan pesos), ARS (Argentine pesos) and USD. The currency used by default, is ARS.
When the customer is in our online store, he begins to navigate in ARS, or UYU (Currency not supported by Paypal)
Then he chooses a product and decides to finalize the purchase. Paypal is not displayed as a payment option available.
The customer is confused

NOTA: The only option available to our customer, is to click the currency switcher and bring it to USD (Difficult to explain what he has to do)


Our plugin will force the display of “Paypal” in payment options (No matter which currency are using the client.)
When the customer chooses to pay with Paypal, automatically make the conversion to a currency supported by PayPal to receive payments.
If the customer changes his mind and choose to pay with other payment gateway, the values return to the currency he choose to navigate the website (Currency Selector widget).
All this happens without refreshing the entire page. Only it happens within the “marco de la” the checkout.

ATENTION: Requires an additional plugin – Selector de monedas (No incluido).
Compatible con:
Aelia Currency Switcher
WPML Currency Switcher for Woocommerce

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