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This plugin enables you to share the relevant posts and the contents of your website onto your social media pages along with images and custom content( enabling SMO- Social Media Optimization). A recent survey suggests that 31% of the traffic is driven from social media tools. These social media tools help in conversion of your website on a large scale.

Por otra parte, Post Auto Share plugin comprises of five major social media tools- Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Tumblr. The admin can share his/her content onto these social media tools all by himself/herself. Por lo tanto, it proves your content to reach wide audiences with minimal efforts- The best way to improve traffic on your website is to maintain a consistency that is shares the posts on a fixed time pattern.

Know How Post Auto Share Works

The Post Auto Share plugin does not demand much effort from you. Share your posts, en ningún momento. Install the plugin on your store and all your previous posts automatically gets fetched from plugin- thus lessening your manual efforts. Sin embargo, you may share the posts while adding them on to your store- leveraging you with instant share option.

All your posts gets shared with images. As said, “una imagen vale 1 mil palabras” images tend to attract visitor’s attention on a large scale. Since there is a huge traffic on these social media websites it eases your efforts to bring your valuable post in reach of a lot of people.

The admin can add “contenido personalizado” while publishing the post. Custom content is a field which is provided on the extreme right of your screen. Wherein admin adds texts of his choice. This text describes about the post being shared. Por lo tanto, making it SEO optimized.

Requisitos mínimos de

  • WordPress 4.0 o mayor.
  • WooCommerce 2.6. x o superior.
  • Versión de PHP 5.5.6 o mayor.
  • Versión de MySQL 5.0 o mayor.

Lista de traducción

.archivos PO y mo incluidos, para la traducción fácil

Thank-you for your interest in Post auto share, Makewebbetter.


25.01.2018 - ver 1.0.0
   -Versión inicial

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