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Add Reaction Buttons to your WordPress posts


  • Crear, editar, and delete reaction buttons
  • View and delete user votes
  • Four ways of adding reaction buttons to your posts (including a widget and shortcode)
  • Verify user votes by User ID or IP Address
  • Lock reaction buttons for specific posts (including automatic locking after a specified amount of time)
  • Link reaction buttons with categories/tags (posts are automatically assigned the category/tag associated with the most popular reaction button)
  • Choose between two reaction button sizes (pequeñas y grandes)
  • Elegir entre 19 built-in colour schemes, o crear tu propia!
  • Sort reaction buttons by vote count (so they are ordered from highest to lowest)
  • Set the maximum number of votes allowed (per user, per post)
  • Hide votes until the user has already voted for a reaction button
  • Equalise width of reaction buttons (adds padding until all reaction buttons have equal width)
  • Compatible con plugins de cacheo
  • Full support for plugin translation

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