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Shipping per Product for WooCommerce allows you to define shipping rates for individual products. This plugin will allows you to define different shipping costs, based on customer location. These shipping costs can be used in two ways, it can be added to other shipping methods, o usado como un método de envío de independiente.
This plugin is your ultimate solution, if you are selling any special or bulky product which require additional shipping than your other product.

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Características principales

  • Table Rate Shipping.
  • Define Shipping by Weight.
  • Define shipping cost based on Shipping Zones (País, Estado, Código postal).
  • Importación & Export rate via CSV.
  • Cost can vary depending on location.
  • Variable cost per item.
  • Very suitable for international shipping.

You can try the live demo setting in our dashboard. Haga clic aquí (Demo)

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