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Sencilla Woo-Comercio Papel de regalo is a simple extension that allows the user to select the gift wrap option with your products.

You can define as many gift wrapping styles as you prefer, set the price, different prices for different wrappers and much more.

Provision to add images to wrappers, that are visible to customers, what the gift wrap will look like.

When a customer is on the product page they see the option to add gift wrapping with their product. Customer will have the provision to select different wrapper for individual products too.

If the customer desire to have the order gift wrapped then their wrapping option is shown in cart + órdenes, and adds your defined cost to the item cost too.


  1. Simple and Easy to add gift wrap.
  2. Easy to add gift wrap label and description.
  3. Create a simple gift wrap option in product details page.
  4. Set individual prices, descripciones, and images for wrapping.
  5. Get notice of the customer’s intended gift wrap message by email order notification and on the order page.

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