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Twilio Simple Click Call enables your company to convert web traffic into direct communication over the phone, con sólo el clic de un botón. A simple form on your webpage allows you to enter phone number, y con el clic de la “Llame al” ,entered number will receive a call.It also have provision of send message to single and multiple users with CSV upload feature.

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Let’s go to the following steps necessary to implement Twilio Simple Click Call in your website:

Admin will submits a web form with phone number to do call.
Twilio receives the request and initiates a call to the user's phone number.
User receives the call.


Clean install & uninstall.
Direct contact via voice call.
Send messages to single and multiple numbers with import CSV
Backend interface to manage Twilio credentials.
Success calls Logs can be viewed for each call.
Error Logs can be viewed for each call.

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