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Vicons is a premium WordPress plugin. You can easily add font icons to your WordPress site with a click of a button.

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WordPress 4.4 Listo!

Vicons adds support for over 2000 iconos. It can be used for different purposes on your WordPress site by simply inserting shortcodes into posts, páginas, menús, widgets, menús & tipos de correos personalizados.

Fácil de usar

Vicons Plugin Features

  • 2000+ Font Icons to Choose
  • Insert Icons Directly Into Posts/Pages/Widgets/Menus/Custom Post Types
  • Fácil de usar Shortcodes
  • Iconos animados (Spinning)
  • Easily Customize Color and Size of icons
  • Lista sensible
  • No need to write a single line of code


Versión 1.0

-Primer lanzamiento [12.01.2016]

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