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Visual Plus is an extension plugin pack of missing components for Visual Composer.

Advanced Fonts Manager
This allow to style your font element easily, with a point and click, you’ll be able to see the preview right away and it’s apply for all Visual Composer Shortcodes.

Adjust your Fonts
Wish just a few click, you can adjust the fonts as if you were crafting custom CSS with ease. And as a bonus, you can also preview the changes before applying it into your elements.

Advanced Background Manager
This is allow you to tweak your Background using different sources of elements.

Image as Background
Advanced configuration for using image as the background on Visual Composer element, it supports background image animation, overlay masking, parallax mode, multiple images and a standard CSS styling for background images.

Video as Background
Use locally hosted as background, it supports mp4, ogv, webm and poster image.

Gradient as Background
Create a CSS3 Gradient for your background, supports radial or linear mode, multiple color stops, different radial directions, gradient repeats and you can preview the changes before applying it to your element.

Here’s the link to the demo videos:

Visual Plus Fonts Selector https://vimeo.com/209164297
Visual Plus Image Background https://vimeo.com/209164393
Visual Plus Gradient Background https://vimeo.com/209164569
Visual Plus Video Background https://vimeo.com/209164608


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