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WooCommerce producto imagen marca de agua – Añadir marcas de agua personalizados a tus imágenes de producto

Otohits.net, fast and efficient autosurf

La extensión WooCommerce reservas increíblemente poderosa le permite vender las citas con el plugin WooCommerce. Esta extensión es fantástica para aquellos que quieran vender servicios o alquiler que es valoradas según tiempo.

1) Create Booking Times – Fixed time slots when bookings are available
 2) Smart Booking Management – Filter and update bookings as well as booking availability
3) Multi-Customer Bookings – Create appointments when a customer defines a specific number of people who will be attending (i.e. dining reservations)
 4) Manually Bookings – Create bookings manually via the WordPress dashboard and mirror the frontend bookings form your customers see.
 5) Customer Email Notifications – Setup email notifications to be alerted of reminders, confirmed appointments, and reservation requests
 6) Customized Booking Costs – Define costs per booking, resource, block, number of people or duration
 7) Booking Confirmation Methods – Bookings can be automatically confirmed or set to pending for manual approval (requiring manual approval will result in customer’s being billed at the time of approval)
 8) Control Availability – Set when your booking is available to customers
 9) Create or Define global availability rules for all bookable products for bookings
 10) Send custom email notifications to people who have booked a product
 11) Bookings can be viewed in a list or calendar format
12 ) Resources per bookable product for added flexibility.
13) Integration with the Product Add-ons extension lets you add extras/customizations for each booking

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