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Colecciones WooCommerce gives your customers the ability to gather and share products they like, want or recommend. It allows you to show buyers what you have for sale or share and organize your favorite products.


  • Clientes
    • Quickly add a product to a collection, and create new collections without leaving the product’s page
    • Create an unlimited number of collections. Guest users can store a Collection for 30 días (or until cookies are cleared). Registered users can store collections indefinitely
    • Privacy controls. Users can either create a public or private Collection. Public collections can be shared and are viewable by anyone. Private collections are only viewable to the user.
    • Share collections to various social networks via a unique short url. Facebook, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn.
    • Share collections via email to your friends and family.
  • Shop Managers
    • View and manage your customer’s collections from the WordPress admin.
    • Show a plain text link or button.
    • Elegir 5 diferentes iconos (works with both plain text link or button) or have no icon at all.
    • Disable guests from creating collections.
    • Ability to set any collection as destacados colección.
    • Easily modify the text for theadd to collection” enlace.
    • Enable only the social sharing services that your customers can share to.
    • Supports both pretty/non pretty permalinks.
  • Desarrolladores
    • Extremely flexible layout. Use any page on your website to display a user’s collections, display individual collections, to edit collections, or to create new collection.
    • Colección, Caja de luz, Lista de vigilancia, Wish List or Want List. Easily change the terminology.
    • Fully localized/translation-ready. Easily translate and use the plugin in your native language.
    • Super flexible links. Create your own add to collection buttons with a simple function call and arguments.
    • Easily customize the different pages by copying the templates into your child theme’s woocommerce/woocommerce-collections folder.
    • Easily customize the CSS and/or fonts by copying into your child theme’s woocommerce/woocommerce-collections folder.
    • Easily change the various messages displayed throughout the plugin from 1 simple filter.
    • Easily move the icon to the right of the add to collection text by using 1 simple filter.
    • Easily change the size of all add to collection links (plain or button) mediante el uso de 1 simple filter, or by creating your own link and passing in a size.

Support for Follow My Blog Post

Collections extension is fully integrated with Seguir el Post de mi Blog plugin. Users can be automatically set to receive emails when new items added under their followed collection.



Por favor vea la Documentación del plugin para aprender a usar el plugin.


Necesito ayuda? Por favor asegúrese de leer la Documentación. Si todavía estás atrapado puede contactar a través de nuestro plataforma de apoyo o envíenos un correo a wpweb101@gmail.com para cualquier consulta pre venta solamente.

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