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Woocommerce Infusionsoft Pro

Do more with your store and spend less time doing it. WooCommerce Infusionsoft Pro combines the awesomeness of WooCommerce and Infusionsoft into one plugin.

Easy set up

Setting up and configuring the settings takes less than 5minutes

Unlimited Infusionsoft Tags per product

You can easily add different tags for different products by separating each tags with a comma.

Select checkout fields to send to Infusionsoft

Option to choose the fields. Available fields :

  • Nombre facturación
  • Apellido de facturación
  • Billing Phone
  • Dirección de facturación 1
  • Dirección de facturación 2
  • Billing City
  • Billing State
  • País de facturación
  • Billing Postalcode
  • Dirección de envío 1
  • Dirección de envío 2
  • Ciudad de envío
  • Estado de envío
  • País de envío
  • Shipping Postalcode

Got and idea or need WooCommerce integration for a different provider

Kindly send me an email from my profile page.

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