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Turn your Variable WooCommerce Products to a Table

With our WooCommerce Variations Table plugin you can transform your variable products into a beatiful table. Choose the data you want to show and activate additional table features. For example sorting, busca, filtrado, exporting and more

Table Features

Turn your Variable�Products into a Table

Exportación, Filter and Search Variations

Export your Variations Table as print, copia, Excel, CSV or PDF. Turn on Filters, or Ordering and allow full-text searchjust as you like!

Customize Data you want to show

Enable, disable or Reorder the Data you want to show in your Variations table.

Paging & Desplazamiento

Enable Paging & Scrolling if you do not want your Product page to get too big.

Looks good with no Datatables

Even when you do not want to use DataTables the Variations Table looks still good.

Customize the Table for Variables

Con más de 40 option settings you are free to adjust the table exactly to your needs.

Más características

  • Table Features
    • Enable / Desactivar / Reorder variation Data (imagen, SKU, precio, stock status etc.)
    • Row Paging
    • Column Filtering
    • Búsqueda de / Filter Saving
    • Table Searching
    • Export as Print
    • Copiar en el portapapeles
    • Export Variations as Excel
    • Exportar como CSV
    • Exportar como PDF
    • Responsivo
  • Excluir / Incluce product categories or products
  • Limit to specific user Roles
  • Remove Default Variations Select Fields
  • Documentented bien


  • Probado con WordPress 3.8+
  • Probado con WooCommerce 2.0+


  • WooCommerce 2.0+
  • WordPress 3.8.1+
  • PHP 5.2+
  • Soporte multilingüe


- Nuevo: Shortcode [woocommerce_variations_table product="PRODUCT-ID"]
- FIJAR: Added image to print export
- FIJAR: Removed select fields from export

- Lanzamiento inicial

# Características futuras ===
- Ninguno

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