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Qué es & ¿Qué hace:

WooRestaurant | Restaurante Woocommerce is a Woocommerce addon. This plugin will make your store most user frendly.

¿Cómo funciona:

This plugin will present all the products in store at single place in most user friendly manner. So that customer no needs to search or navigate for desired product through the website.

By making the customer experience smooth and easy while shopping, you will get more orders and repeated customers. So why wait, simply install this awesome plugin and have a great business.


  • Make your WooCommerce store more userfriendly!!
  • Simplify your customers shopping experience


URL : http://wp.xperts.club/woorestaurant/

Actualizaciones & Registro de cambios

= 1.0 - 2018.02.03 =
* Versión inicial!

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