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Galería de WOW magic WordPress plugin that allows you to display various
content formats in a highly customizable grid. Unlike many gallery plugins, WOW Gallery offers an easiest way to create maximally unique and optimized grids for all device types.

Características principales

  • Modern Scrollable intuitive UILive device preview, native tag selection system, custom links preview, different sort types, thumbnail generator and much more..
  • 6 layout grids – Plugin viene con 6 diseño de cuadrícula. It has very familiar ones like: Justificado, Masonry and non standard: Flex, Inteligente. That gives you opportunity create absolutely unique grids.
  • 27 predefined captions – 12 Plaza 15 circle each circle can be square with specific customization. You can easily create new captions using powerful caption editor
  • Powerful caption editorallows you create unlimited custom captions based on current caption templates. Controls every details in caption such as: superposición, fronteras, sombras, gutters, icons and etc
  • Image compressorsOptiPNG and JPEGtran compressors integrated into WOW GALLERY upload and thumbnail generator with optimal parameters for major hosting OS.
  • Pixel Perfect Grid Optimizationadjusting every single image in grid.
  • Responsive image servingWOW GALLERY follows in RICG image serving standard. Allows you to set different image sizes and grid in 6 dimensiones: Escritorio, Ordenador portátil, Tablet Landscape, Tablet, Phone Landscape and Phone.

Y mucho más…

  • UI customization from admin panelselect load types, gutters, colors and much more.
  • Video support in lightboxview YouTube or Vimeo in lightbox.
  • Caption Editorunlimited custom captions.
  • Responsive gallery for each screen resolutionYou can set specific grid also specific resolution.
  • Pixel perfect gallery optimizationevery image looks perfect, clean and sharp.
  • Native tag selection sytsemuse tags to collect and classify images with different themes.
  • Unlimited thumbnail generatormake personal thumbnails for each gallery.
  • Device preview -choose the device type you want to create gallery for and work with it.
  • Filtrado – Comfortable filtering your images.
  • Soporte de retina – Looks perfect in high resolution devices.
  • 4 default and customizable themes – Mínima, Subrayado, Material and Material Dark set your best view.
  • 5 cajas de luz – Colorbox, Magnifico Popup, Venobox, Lightcase, Swieboxchoose the nest one you like.
  • Apoyo de golpe – Use gestures to work with gallery on touch-devices.
  • Enlaces personalizados – set link you want to any image.

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