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  1. clean for trash and old data
  2. optimize your database
  3. protector de la 24/24 horas
  4. let create your custom scheduled tasks

Cohete de gt clean your site automatically and after all work is done it sends reports todos los días, a la semana o mensual to your Correo electrónico.

Plugin have two main components calledEsbirros” y “Tareas


Minions are hark workers which do all black work , they just waiting for your commands.

  • Clean orphan meta like posts, comments or user meta
  • Clean posts like trash draft or revision
  • IP block by IP or range of IP
  • Country Block by country name
  • Repair and optimize wordpress tables


Tasks are condition tasks created by you and working without you. Once you created a task you will receive weekly or monthly tasks reports to your email. Some of popular tasks are:

  • Posts Cleanerit removes automatically old posts for different status
  • Comments Cleanerit removes old comments and send report by email
  • Login Controlit woks like firewall for your website , if there is more than %n failed logins than it can do:
    • Email Blockblock user by email
    • IP Blockblock user by ip for a %n time
    • ReCaptcha – add reCaptcha to your login form
    • Alert by emailit notify you by email
  • Page Loading Alertit check if website is loading more than %s seconds than it alerts you by email
  • Duplicate postsit detected duplicated posts and delete

Versión 1.0

- Initial realease

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