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WPIF for WordPress is a plugin that allows users to trigger actions on predefined conditions or events.

With this extension users can ampliar WordPress and/or theme’s features con una muy simple gui. WPIF es simple, fast and codeless! No matter if you are an advanced developer or a beginner programmer. Simplemente Arrastre&gota your rules and conditions, than create an action to be executed as soon as those specific condiciones has been triggered.

Por ejemplo: don’t you ever need to Mostrar popup on your website just before they’re dejando su sitio de Internet? Don’t you ever need to receive an email when something wrong happens (404 páginas, login problems, spam ataques, etc.…)? Don’t you ever need to redirección customer to a landing page if they are using a móvil Explorador?

These examples are only intended to give you an idea of what this plugin can do. Puede crear más de 200 posible combinaciones!

Recuerda: ningún código (php, JavaScript, CSS…) Obligatorio! Sólo tiene que instalar este plugin, activate it and create your applets (conditions and action) in a few seconds!

Key Features of WPIF Plugin for WordPress:

Possible conditions and events (that can even be combined each other) :

  • Page is 404
  • Hoy date is
  • Is customer navigating with a Smartphone
  • Current page is
  • Current post is
  • Mouse exits ventana
  • Mouse is stopped for n segundos
  • Haga clic derecho pressed
  • User agent is
  • User is logged in
  • Rol de usuario es …
  • …y mucho más!

Possibile actions (triggered on specific event or conditions):

  • Javascript alert emergente
  • Código personalizado (php, JavaScript, css or html)
  • Force logout
  • Muestran un modal Mensaje / ventana emergente
  • Redirect to
  • Enviar correo electrónico
  • Phone vibration
  • …y mucho más!

*List of operators:

  • Igual
  • Not equal
  • Menos (or equal) than
  • Más (or equal) than
  • In range
  • Not in range

Do you have any suggestions? Do you need a new event or action to be added to WPIF in the next release? No dude en contactar con nosotros!

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