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This responsive video player allows you to play YouTube-videos and -playlists. You can create individual playlists by adding video-id’s, include just videos or add a playlist-id. The player can automatically transform embedded YouTube-videos and -playlists which are embedded as iframe-element. This player works on mobile devices and is fully responsive. The player is delivered with multiple layouts and skins but still can be custom designed. The player works with multiple languages.

Simple Example
Mixed Example
Diseño & Skin Examples
Event Examples
Advertisement Examples

Múltiples diseños

Horizontal and vertical layouts Choose if you want to display playlist-videos in a sidebar to the right (vertical) or on the bottom of the player (horizontal).

Totalmente responsivo

The player is automatically resizing if the device-width is changing. If the player is loaded on very small screens the vertical sidebar is initialy hidden.

Móvil listo

The player is mobile ready and can be used by touchscreens.

Keep watching

Animate users to watch more videos on your page by adding related videos and the search-option to videos.


Each embedded video/playlist can be displayed in a different individual layout, skin and mode.

Características principales

  • Use YouTube-videos (multiple id’s) or -playlists
  • Totalmente responsivo
  • Móvil listo
  • Múltiples diseños
  • Múltiples skins
  • Individual customizing
  • Compartir social
  • Fullscreen
  • Callbacks for specific events
  • Display comments
  • Using search
  • Videos relacionados
  • Publicidad
  • Estadísticas
  • YouTube-API V3

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