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Zori is a unique WordPress theme, from its design to the core functionality. It is a theme truly built differently. I’ve focused the design on the imagery, to emphasize what is most important for someone who has an amazing fashion sense or design talent; their work, their portfolio, their lookbook.

With a great design comes a great responsibility to build a great user experience and ease of use. The way I’ve handled portfolio and lookbook functionality will make the lives of creatives that already have a WordPress website filled with great posts, looks and projects, but lacking the means to showcase and separate portfolio from the blog, to easily switch to Zori and in just few steps convert those regular looking projects and fashion statements, into unique, sweet looking pages that are distinctly different from your blog posts.

Lista de características

  • Diseño limpio
  • Intelligent Code (Takes away all the hustle to setup posts, looks and projects)
  • Great User and End-User Experience ( Let me know if you disagree ;) )
  • ShopStyle Collective Widget Support ( Special treatment in lookbook entires )
  • Customizer enabled
  • Instagram & Dribbble Social Feeds (in couple of clicks, no lengthy setups)
  • Likes and Favorites system
  • Sharing system
  • 70+ Icons in an easy to use Social Icons Plugin
  • Mailchimp for WordPress Plugin support
  • Formulario de contacto 7 Apoyo
  • Lista de la pantalla de la retina
  • WordPress 4.6 listo
  • Lista multilingüe
  • Soporte para localización
  • Compatible con WPML (unofficially for now, haven’t gone through the official test yet)
  • Offline & Online Video Documentation with narration


Si necesita ayuda, don’t hesitate to contact me any time. I’ll do my best to help you out as soon as possible. I would love to hear any feedback or questions, if you have something to say, please contact me via email through my profile page or leave a comment. And don’t forget to rate the item and leave a review. Gracias!

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