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Facebook Clickable Photo Post Generator is an easy to use WordPress Plugin which enables you to post a clickable (url) photo on your Facebook Page.


Username: demo
Password: demo
URL: http://quadcorp.co/p-facebook-clickable-photo-post/wp-admin/


  • The application complies with all Facebook terms and conditions
  • Developed using Facebook API v2.5 API and SDK package v5.0 (included in the plugin)
  • Supports unlimited Facebook Pages
  • Supports unlimited Facebook Posts
  • Post – Post clickable photo directly on your Facebook Page with one click
  • Schedule – Schedule clickable photo directly on your Facebook Page
  • Photo click URL (link) – Add the url (link) of the photo
  • Settings – button is available for inserting or updating Facebook App ID and Secret values


This plugin requires that you have or create a Facebook App.

User Guide with Screenshots:

Please follow these steps only after you have installed and activated the plugin:

  • Go to your WordPress Admin Panel and click on Fb Click-Photo tab – See Screenshot
  • Insert your Facebook App ID and Secret and click Save Details button. -Please refer to Other Important Notes about your Facebook App on the right side for Facebook app requirements necessary for this plugin or if you need help creating a Facebook App – See Screenshot
  • After you add your Facebook App details, click Add Profile to connect your first Facebook account (make sure you grant all required Facebook permissions in order for this plugin to work effectively) – See Screenshot
  • After you add your Facebook account, now you should click on the recently added account to select the Facebook Pages you want to post the clickable photo to – See Screenshot
  • Next you can click on either Your Gallery button or + Add Photo box to select the image that will be used to generate the clickable photo Facebook post – See Screenshot
  • Photo click URL (link) – enter Photo click URL (link – optional); the link to go to when clicked on the Facebook post – See Screenshot
  • Say something about this photo – enter clickable photo message (optional) – See Screenshot
  • Click e.g Post on Facebook – Post clickable photo on the selected Facebook page – See Screenshot
  • Click e.g Schedule – Schedule clickable photo on the selected Facebook page – See Screenshot

You are done! Simply follow the same steps if you need to add another account, or generate another clickable photo Facebook post.

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