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Add simple PayPal donation buttons with a shortcode or through a sidebar Widget. Done in a few clicks.

Otohits.net, fast and efficient autosurf

Shortcode or widget

You can use the simple shortcode to add new donation buttons or at the widget to the page.

Super leightweight and simple to start
Une fois configuré, vous pouvez placer plusieurs boîtes sur les postes, pages or custom post types and make use of the included widget. Additionally there are a lot of customizing options.


donate functionality
custom buttons or just select the default
works with any type of PayPal account
even recurring payments possible (based on the PayPal account)
super easy to use and setup
cross-browsingThe plugin works in all modern browsers.

And many many more cool features are there.

Final words
The plugin includes full source with documentation.
The highly requested version of the PayPal donation button put the power of simple payments into an easy to use plugin.

The plugin is fully compatible with the recent versions of WordPress (4.6)
Compatible with older WordPress versions, vers le bas pour 3.0.

No configuration is needed. Il suffit d'installer le plugin. Now every image on your WordPress blogs has the image share feature.

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