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Adios | Portfolio WordPress Theme for Artists, Agences, Pigistes & Creatives

Adios is a minimal, clean and modern WordPress Template for anyone who wants to build an amazing & modern portfolio website. It is suitable for any corporate, creative freelancer or business agency. You can get portfolio websites of any niche designed with Adios. This template is crafted with care for each pixels and consists of well organized PSD files. Feel free to contact us regarding any issue of this template.

Why Adios?

Adios un thème WordPress primé repose sur la conception, créativité, INTERFACE UTILISATEUR & UX. Il est adapté à n’importe quelle place. Adios is crafted with care for each elements and pixels. Il s’agit d’un thème unique doté de fonctionnalités. With Adios, le ciel est la limite.

Adios WordPress ThemeAn Overview

PersonnalisateurThe Customizer is a framework for live-previewing any change to WordPress. It provides a simple and consistent interface for users to customize various aspects of their theme and their site, from colors and layouts to widgets, menus, et bien plus encore.

RéactifAlmost every new client these days wants a mobile version of their website. It’s practically essential after all: one design for the BlackBerry, another for the iPhone, the iPad, Netbook, Kindle — and all screen resolutions must be compatible, trop. Alors, don’t be worry about obtaining these set’s of features, we do already had included in Adios. Let’s test it.

TypographieIt’s the small details that make a project shine. Typographie solide, well-crafted with attention and care is one of them. A harmonious visual rhythm, typographic subtleties like soft caps, margin outdents or the correct use of hyphens and dashes — there are a lot of things that add up to it.So, we do have included all google font sets just to make easy and useful, you can adjust color, taille, line-height and so on.

Page BuilderOur customers has endless possibility to make layout as they want, we do have included visual composer plugin to add block of shortcodes to page, Glissez et déposez.

ShortcodesAdios includes tons of shortcodes to make endless layout. With Adios, we’ve built 33 shortcodes, allowing you to build virtually any layout your mind can imagine. All shortcodes are included via a custom built plugin. Included shortcodes are as follows:

  • Blog
  • Blog de curseur
  • Client
  • Compteur
  • Suivi social
  • Google Map
  • Curseur de héros
  • Hero Video Slider
  • Icône boîte
  • Bloc de l'image
  • Portefeuille
  • Portefeuille Slider
  • Tableau des prix
  • Titre
  • Special Text
  • Bloc de texte
  • Video Container
  • Welcome Box
  • Bloc de l'image
  • Image Slider
  • Special Text
  • Espace
  • Équipe
  • Témoignage
  • Twitter

Format de messageAnimo has rich set of custom post format, manage your blog posts with various custom post format. Here are few post format:

  • Norme
  • Vidéo
  • Galerie
  • Audio

Modèles de pageWe do have included pre made page templates for quick and easy use, just assign page to page template are you are ready to go.

  • Portefeuille
  • Blog Classic
  • Blog de maçonnerie
  • Une seule Page
  • Portefeuille

Présentation des fonctionnalités

  • Customizer direct WordPress – Make it Live !
  • Un seul clic démo importateur
  • Compositeur visuel
  • Mises en page avancées Blog
    • Blog de maçonnerie
    • Blog Classic
  • Mises en page avancées de portefeuille
    • Portefeuille maçonnerie
    • Portefeuille classique (2,3,4 colonnes)
  • Mises en page entièrement sensibles
  • Parallax Layout
  • Multy-purpose with hundreds options
  • Mises en page différentes en-tête
  • Different Footer layouts
  • Développeur amical
  • Option de filtrage de portefeuille
  • Encadrés illimités
  • 10+ Cover Samples
  • Page de destination
  • Section Scroll
  • Page Metabox Options
  • 33 Shortcodes
  • Completely SEO friendly
  • Curseurs de pré définis
  • Tarification des dispositions de tables
  • Vidéo HTML5
  • Mises en page convivial UX
  • Prêt WPML
  • Différents Formats de message
  • Isotope Plugin
  • Formulaire de contact 7
  • Bien documenté


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