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Advanced Music Widget is a plugin which creates a widget that can be used to display a music player with artist’s name, chanson, and a cover image. It can also be used as an audio player, podcast player and etc.

Otohits.net, fast and efficient autosurf


  • Entièrement sensible
  • Entièrement personnalisable
  • Unlimited colors for customization
  • Supports HTML5 audio player
  • Supports WordPress default audio embed
  • Upload cover image and audio files
  • Use external cover imager url and audio file url
  • Two different album cover styles
  • Full audio player control (set loop and autoplay in settings)
  • Custom message after the player
  • Custom messages before and after the widget
  • Using shortcodes to place the music player on any page or post
  • Prend en charge tous les principaux navigateurs

Des problèmes avec le Plugin?

If you have any questions, feel free to submit them via the onglet Support or by contacting me directly.

Appréciant le Plugin?

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18.8.2016 – Version 1.0.0

 - Version initiale

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