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WordPress backup and migration plugin. It offers the easiest and fastest tools to backup, restore or migrate WordPress based websites.

Unlimited backupcreate as many backups as you want, there is no limit
Unlimited restorerestore any backup file whenever needed
Website migrationmigrate your website from one hosting/domain to another one
Download backupdownload your backup files for migration
Import backupupload your backup file to restore it right away
Backup customizationyou choose which folders you want to backup
Live progressprecise progress of the current backup and restore process
Scheduled backupset the frequency and time to perform automatic backup
Multiple scheduled profilesschedule your database and files to backup with different frequencies
Upload to and import from FTP/SFTP
Upload to and import from Dropbox
Upload to and import from Google Drive
Upload to and import from Amazon S3
Mail notificationsget notified when a backup or restore gets finished
Customize backup namingspecify your custom backup prefix
Backup retentionspecify the number of backups to keep on the server
Cloud pathspecify a custom path where the backups should be kept
Background modeperform backup in low priority mode
Emergency support – jusqu'à 24 heures

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