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Cireratours is a powerful WordPress Theme to manage a directory of tours and events easily. Thanks to the WooCommerce integration, your users will be able to book and pay your products in the same website.

It’s a perfect theme for Travel Agencies who want to start promoting their tours or vacation packages, and for everyone who is interested to organize special events occasionally.

Intégration de WooCommerce

Transform your products in tours or events adding a location and a date. You will be able to create complex tour packages using variations, include extra information about your product in a tab, and set a schedule or timetable. Your users will always book and pay for your products in a clean and friendly interface.

Map listing view

Make your tours and events more visual, helping your users to locate them, using a map listing. With the Google Maps API, you will show all your upcoming tours at a glance.

Recherche avancée

Filter tours and events according to their destination, activities or the start date in an advanced search visible in the product catalog.

Plusieurs mises en

Choose between multiple layouts to customize your theme through the WordPress Customizer. Il y a 3 different Homes, 5 useful Page Templates, 3 possibilities of Tour Listings, et 12 Blog Layout combinations.

Carefully structured code

We have built all the Cireratours code using hooks. This practice is useful to develop extra functionalities, remove parts of the structure, or modify some code without lose any change after updating the theme.

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