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Integrate PayPal into Contact Form 7

Sell products with Contact Form 7 et PayPal – facile et rapide. Integrate the PayPal payment Gateway into every contact form you want. Ajouter un “Pay with PayPal”-Button in the form which will take the necessary information from the form fields and redirect users on the PayPal’s website so they can proceed for a secure payment.

  1. Create a new Contact Form
  2. Add the Products you want to sell
  3. Gagner de l’argent


  • Step by Step Tutorial for the Setup. See here
  • Sandbox Testing integrated
  • Transactions overview with Live PayPal Data fetching
  • Transactions will be saved into database
  • Unlimited Products to sell
  • 202 Countries supported
  • 24 Currencies supported
  • 25 Locales supported
  • Set custom Success / Cancel URLs
  • Keep the normal submit button if you want
  • Set custom Success / Cancel URLs

Remarque: A PayPal Account, the free Redux Framework and the Contact Form 7 plugin are required to use this plugin!


  • WooCommerce 2.0+
  • WordPress 3.8.1+
  • PHP 5.2+


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