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Description du plugin

This plugin adds a new element to the Fusion Builder called Champ personnalisé. This element allows to display a Custom Field in the Page layout. You can display unlimited number of Custom Fields per Page. This also works for any Custom Post Type that you design with the Fusion Builder.

This element has plenty of design options which are similar to the Button element.

S'il vous plaît see the Demo of this plugin.

Caractéristiques principales

  • Adds the new element to the Fusion BuilderCustom Field that display selected custom field value at the element position
  • Builds the list of all configured custom fields to choose from
  • You can add the text before the custom field value which can be used as a custom field name
  • Link to internal or external page can be assigned to the custom field value
  • Many design options are similar to the Button element
  • Limited ACF support. The element can display any text or number custom field, even if it is created by ACF plugin. Advanced non-text formats may not work properly.

Comment utiliser

  1. Installer le plugin
  2. Insert the new Element via Fusion Builder as usual
  3. Choisir Champ personnalisé
  4. Configure the options
  5. Save and enjoy

Custom Field settings

Custom Field Design Options

Short Install Instructions

  1. Download the Full version and unzip the file
  2. Choose the included zip file that matches your Avada major version number
  3. Install that zip file as usual
  4. Lire le documentation for full instructions and update process

Démo, Documentation, Prise en charge


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