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Elastic is a Modern, Unique and Multipurpose WordPress Theme.

Builder Features

  • CSS stylesfast editing
  • Conception sensible – fast editing
  • Unlimited nested layouts
  • Fond de parallaxe
  • Arrière-plans vidéo
  • Fond dégradé
  • Shape dividers
  • Layered overlays
  • Widgets WordPress – prise en charge
  • Any masonry grid layoutsfast building
  • Any slider layoutsfast building
  • Formulaire de contact – fast building with any layout
  • Anchors menufast building
  • En-tête collant – fast building with any layout
  • Classic tablefast building with any contents
  • Hover overlayfast building with any layout and with animations
  • Modal dialogfast building with any layout
  • Animation de défilement – simple and flexible
  • Modèle de Page vierge – with header and footer possibility

Marketing Automation Features

  • Possibility to make any reaction logic based on visitor behavior
  • Scoring and Tagging of site visitors
  • Web Event Tracking of site visitors
  • Drip marketing
  • Any loyalty programs (increase engagement, drive repeat purchases, retain loyal customers)
  • Gamification marketing strategies (prix, points, badges)
  • ROI-reports for Email/SMS/Popups/Banners strategy optimizationdémo
    1. UTM data added automatically to all URLs
    2. Reports show exact channel Email/SMS/Popup/Banner
    3. Attribution models for ROI calculation: première, dernière, plat, combinaison
    4. Your site can make any number of marketing interactions to stimulate sales
    5. But in result you will know contribution to revenue by particular Email/SMS/Popup/Banner
  • Site visitors segmentation
  • Sondages, Enquêtes
  • SMS/Email notifications
  • SMS/Email autoresponder
  • Double opt-in Phone/Email verification
  • SMS/Email newsletters
  • Popups based on visitor behavior
  • Advertisement banners based on visitor behavior
  • Vente incitative & Cross-sell popups and banners
  • WooCommerce discounts based on visitor behavior
  • Abandoned cartany customer stimulation logic
  • Reward points based on visitor behavior and use it for WooCommerce discounts
  • Coupon discounts
  • Behavior based content restrictions
  • Recurred payments support for membership marketing
  • Responsive email drag & drop composer – avec StampReady email-template format support
  • SMTP-Readycompatible with Postman, WP Mail SMTP, Easy WP SMTP, Easy SMTP Mail, WP Mail Bank plugins
  • Email bounce counting
  • Visitor country and city detection
  • Importation/exportation
  • Formulaire de contact 7 plugin pris en charge
  • myCRED plugin supported
  • Simple CRM with Admin Columns et Avancée des champs personnalisés
  • Zapier integration

Jaune crayon Visual Style éditeur CSS inclus – ENREGISTRER 25$

Documentation en ligne de thème

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