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Fason has been designed for every blogger, who wants to display the content in an awesome way. A clean list of posts, easy social media sharing, any many other extra features that we’ve developed for you!

Otohits.net, fast and efficient autosurf

You have multiple post types to choose from: vidéo, Galerie, photo, citation, et lien. En plus de cela, you can enable or disable various page elements. We’ve also added user-friendly settings for essentials like Google Analytics ID, Instagram, and many social media icons.


Caractéristiques du thème:


  • Easy change for main color
  • Easy upload logo image
  • 12 icons for social media profiles
  • On/off social share on post list
  • Display photos Instagram
  • Easy setting for Google Analytics ID
  • Move sidebar from right to left or disable it
  • On/off search in top bar
  • On/off sticky bar

Un message

  • On/off social share buttons
  • On/off author info box (Liens sociaux, avatar for each author)
  • On/off tags

Formats de message

  • Vidéo (link or file)
  • Galerie
  • Image
  • Lien
  • Citation


  • “Sur” with Your avatar, description and name
  • “Messages récents” – display posts with thumbnails


  • Entièrement sensible
  • Soutien pour le formulaire de Contact 7
  • Awesome loader
  • Greate code
  • Responsive gallery, vidéos etc..

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