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Simple mode features:

  • display a geolocation popup for images
  • fully configurable icon which triggers popup
  • have a map with many images
  • connect many points on map to create and show a route
  • optional automatic implementation for images with geolocation data
  • best for quick, brief display of images

Advanced mode features:

  • display a map of your posts
  • have a listing of entries along with the map
  • connect many points on map to create and show a route
  • best for extended content
  • possibility of creating custom listing styles
  • possibility of adding geolocation to posts
  • support for custom post types
  • show your photos along with a map
  • scustomizable display
  • sslider-like autoanimation
  • sconnect many points on map to create and show a route
  • sbest for consistent visual content
  • ssupport for custom post types

Autres caractéristiques:

  • customizable appearance of popups and maps
  • personalized map pins
  • global parameter customization in settings
  • support for Google Maps custom styles (styles prédéfinis)
  • built-in geodata detection in media library
  • présentation sensible
  • support for marker clustering
  • TinyMCE built-in support
  • direct WYSIWYG shortcode editing
  • full control over Google Maps API scripts for better compatibility with other maps plugins
  • Compositeur visuel prise en charge
  • language .pot file
  • Manuel en ligne

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