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Create Realistic Responsive HTML5 Flipbook

iPages Flipbook PDF Viewer is a lightweight and rich-feature WordPress plugin helps you create great interactive digital HTML5 flipbooks. With this plugin you are able to easily make media books for your site that empower publishers and bloggers to create more engaging content. It provides an easy way for you to convert static PDF documents or image sets into the online magazine, interactive catalogs, media brochures or booklets in minutes. The plugin can be deployed easily and runs on all modern browsers and mobile devices.



  • 3 render book modes – deux & one page flip, par balayage
  • 2 data sources – PDF & images or mix each other
  • 2 thèmes – lumière & dark theme included
  • Marqueurs – Ajouter des images, autocollants, links or text to any page
  • Plusieurs instancescreate as many items as you want in the same page
  • Vignettesthe side panel with page miniatures
  • Grandes lignesbookmarks and external links
  • Navigation au clavierarrows can be used for the book navigation
  • Multilevel zoomscale books pages to make better look
  • Partagershare a link with friends
  • Plein écran – vous pouvez basculer à l’état normal et plein écran
  • Téléchargerallow to download PDF document
  • Progressive Loading PDFload the PDF in chunks for a better experience
  • JSON configload parameters from an external file
  • AJAX savingsave your config without page reloading
  • Barres de progressioninforming about loading status
  • Powerful interface – sur 100 Options
  • Code editorsadd extra css styles or js code with syntax highlighting
  • Personnalisationcreate you own theme instead default
  • Help via email



The license of this plugin is for one website. If you want to use the plugin on another websites you need to purchase licenses for each.

Sources et crédits

Version 1.0.0 21/08/2018

- Première version

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