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Remarque, the demo login is:
URL: http://numatic.me/themes/jscfields/wp-admin
nom d'utilisateur: démo
mot de passe: démo

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Building out meta fields in the WordPress dashboard can be a tedious process. First you have to setup your fields in HTML, save them in WordPress using PHP, and then wire it up using Javascript (C'est, if you want to do anything cool).

JSC Fields shoutsnever again!”, and makes it easy to create beautiful user interfaces directly in WordPress! With one simple JSON file in your theme or plugin, you can quickly create image galleries, file uploads, repeating fields, lignes, colonnes, and tabbed interfaces (and this doesn’t even mention all of the standard inputs you expect: texte, textarea, case à cocher, Radio, Sélectionnez, gamme, etc..).

To get a better idea of how this all works, and what features are supported, read the documentation at http://numatic.me/themes/jscfields/ or try the demo link at http://numatic.me/themes/jscfields/wp-admin

Si vous avez des questions, Envoyez-nous un courriel à support@davidwoolf.net.

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