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Kale Pro is the ultimate food blog! Beautifully crafted and specifically designed to help you create a stunning food, personnels, or lifestyle blog. Kale Pro is super easy to setup or migrate to. Typographie, emphasis on your photos, and some great areas to showcase some of your most important content, the theme is lightweight yet loaded with awesome features!

Otohits.net, fast and efficient autosurf

= Front Page Banner or Slider =

Choose to display a banner or slider on your home page. Create the slider using recent posts from a category of your choice or upload your own slides.

= Special Recipe Index Template =

Create as many Recipe Indexes as you like with this special, easy to use template. Simply specify the category IDs and the number of posts to display from each category and you’re good to go! There are special widget areas for the top of this Recipe Index page that you can use to display extra information or widgets, such as search or archives. See the Recipe Index in action here http://demo.lyrathemes.com/kale-pro/recipe-index/

= Built-in Special Media Sharing =

The theme utilizes the Jetpack Sharing to integrate social media sharing in posts and the blog feed. The design has been altered to match the theme and you can control where the sharing links appear.

= Built-in Recipe Shortcode =

The built-in recipe shortcode is Google friendly. It displays structured data for Google friendly recipe cards. Pour plus d'informations: https://developers.google.com/search/docs/data-types/recipes

= Built-in Ads =

Ads are built in to the themespecify your own ads and they show up interspersed with your blog feed thus giving you maximum exposure and opportunity for monetization.

= Built-in Related Posts =

No need for extra plugins! The theme comes built-in with related posts that show up on the post page. Ability to turn this feature on or off gives you even greater control.

= Front Page Featured Post =

Select up to three posts to show as featured posts under the main slider, thus putting your key content right in front of your readers!

= Special Category Template =

Categories are displayed using their own specific template so your recipes and posts get all the attention.

= Multiple Blog Feed Layouts =

Show the blog feed as 2 in a row, full posts with large images, or a mixed format that is totally unique: 2 in a row followed by one full post. Keep your readers engaged!

= Integration with Plugins =

The theme integrates seamlessly with
– Widget messages récents avec des vignettes
– MailPoet
Jetpack Sharing
– WP Instagram Widget.
– Formulaire de contact 7

= Super Easy Social Media Icons =

Create your social media icons as a normal WordPress menu and assign to any widget location. That’s all your have to do to display your social media icons.

= Full Width Instagram Feed =

Using the WP Instagram Widget, create a full width Instagram feed in the footer area.

= Multiple Header and Footer Widget Areas =

Two header widget areas, and up to three footer widget rows give you ample space to display extra content and information, add advertisements, social media widgets, or highlight some of your important work.

= Versatile Sidebars =

Display content specific to the front page on the front page sidebars, and customize the internal page sidebars according to your needs. There are post, page, FrontPage, and default sidebars that can be used to create unique layouts.

= More Features =

Image or Text Logos
– Jeux de couleurs illimité
– 600+ Google Fonts
– Google Analytique
Background Image/Color
– Custom CSS
Sample Data Import
– Documentation complète
– Real, Worldclass Support

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