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Professionnel Social WP Widget Plugin

A powerful WordPress social widget plugin.

Professionnel Social WP Widget Plugin is a professional WordPress plugin what is combined with 5 essential social widgets. If you want to show activities from your Behance, Dribbble, Flicker Github and Twitter account in your WordPress sidebar then you may choose this plugin. It’s very easy to use and have lots of multiple features.

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Voici quelques caractéristiques fondamentales de ce plugin:
  1. Combined with 5 really needed professional social media.
  2. Behance, Dribbble, Github, Twitter and Flicker.
  3. Columns and styles supported.
  4. Columns are changeable for Flicker, Behance and Dribble.
  5. Facile à utiliser.
  6. Bien documenté.
Sources et crédit

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