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A simple and ready-to-use WordPress plugin that lets you enhanche your images thanks to filters.

Il y a plus de 15 filters to chose from. They take inspiration from those used by Instagram but are hand crafted by us.

Once the Media Upload screen is opened, you’ll be able to select a filter from the sidebar which will then be applied to the image after inserting it into the post.


This plugin was created keeping modularity in mind. Because of this, the filters are applied ad-hoc to each and every image, removing any weight of additional images on the server, letting you have more espace libre on you hosting.

The filtering happens as the page is loading, since it’s the browser itself who applies them, making it possible for the image to be loaded while the filters are applied.

The Technology

This plugin uses Technologie CSS3 compatible with the latest browsers. While it modifies saturation, contraste, hue et d'autres propriétés, it also applies two additional couches to the image, to achieve more stunning results using specific blend modes.


The things you can expect from this filter are:

  • Sur 15 filtres
  • Instagram inspired filters
  • Intuitive layout
  • Setting storage
  • Hosting-friendly no image reuploading required
  • CSS3 filtering
  • Preview inside the editor

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