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Combine all social network buttons in simple and elegant tabs and place them where you want on your website. Sélectionnez dans 14 Social Services (25 Social Buttons and Widgets) et 2 custom buttons (RSS and Print)

Otohits.net, fast and efficient autosurf

Social Buttons included into widget:

  • Bouton Facebook Like, Facebook Page Plugin (Comme boîte)
  • Twitter Suivez bouton
  • YouTube Subscribe Button
  • Vimeo Blog Badge
  • Google +1 Bouton, Google Share Button
  • Pinterest Save Button, Bouton suivre Pinterest, Pinterest Pin Widget, Pinterest Conseil, Profil de Pinterest
  • Instagram Badge
  • Tumblr Post Button, Tumblr Follow Button, Tumblr Staff Button
  • Snapchat Snapcode
  • Flickr Badge
  • LinkedIn Share Button, LinkedIn Follow Company Buton
  • StumbleUpon Badge
  • Reddit Button with Points, Reddit Interactive Button, Reddit Other Button
  • Delicious Save This
  • RSS Button
  • Print Button


  • 14 Social Services (25 Social Buttons and Widgets)
  • 2 Badges personnalisés (RSS and Print)
  • No images included (all icons are Font Awesome)
  • Support for high-resolution displays
  • Documentation complète

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