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SpotterUniversal Directory Listing WordPress Theme

Spotter est le Universal Directory Listing WordPress Theme with Google maps support.
Thanks to modern and clean design the template is suitable for any kind of business listing. You can use it for directory listing, immobilier, concessionnaire automobile, restaurant, emplois, hotel and any other type of listing site. Unique design with focus strong focus on the content ensures that user will find exact content that he/she is looking for.

  • WordPress 4.6 – Dernière version
  • Bootstrap 3 1170grille de PX – Excellente réactivité
  • Redux cadre plugin – Options de thème puissant
  • Compositeur visuel 4.12Included as original plugin (enregistrer $34)
  • Universal Directory ListingAdd your business to directory listing


  • Types de répertoire illimitéDirectory types builder with custom fields
  • Frontend managmentUsers can manage own listings on frontend interface
  • Backend listing managment – Parfait pour l'administrateur du site
  • Registration and loginRegister and sign in to your personal account
  • User profile pagePage with personal settings and information
  • Connexion FacebookLogin using your facebook account
  • Google Mapwith ajax listing loading
  • AdhésionCreate own tarif plans
  • PaiementsPay via Direct Bank transfer
  • FactureAutomatically receive payment informations about all purchases.
  • Formats de message de blogAll post formats since WordPress 3.6
  • Rétine prêtClean pixels, Icônes de polices
  • Spotter shortcodes – 19 Unique Visual Composer Shortcodes
  • Couleurs – 6 Jeux de couleurs différentes
  • 8 Modèles d'e-mailEmail notifications for administrator and users
  • Signets – Ajouter/supprimer des listes de favoris
  • 2 Variation of listing display – Maçonnerie, Lignes
  • 4 Predefined custom post types Directory types, FAQ, Facture, Adhésion
  • 11 Barres latérales – Blog, Page, Éléments, Ordre du jour, Items Search, Add item, 5 Footer areas
  • 7 Spotter widgetsDisplay custom widgets in any sidebar
  • Contenu de la démo – Installation d'un seul clic
  • Soutien WPML – Traduction prête & sélecteur de langue
  • Langues RTL – Support complet

Pages d'accueil

Options de thème

  • GénéralesAdmin bar display, ID de Google Analytique, Enhanced scrolling, Enable changing password
  • LogoUpload logo and retina, taille du logo, favicon
  • Options de blog – Affichage commentaires, Prévisualisation, Mise en page un message, Date de l’affichage des postes, Affichage des vignettes pour les postes, Afficher les balises pour les postes, Display authors for posts
  • Mise en plis – Fond de corps, Jeu de couleurs
  • En-tête – Couleur de fond d'en-tête, Téléphone, Messagerie, Affichage de chapelure, Display search form, Display advanced fields in search, Create agency account on/off, Register page, Sign In page, Get add item choosen mode: Kangourou, fenêtre modale, en-tête fixe
  • CartesMaps Marker, Latitude, Longitude, Choose zoom for maps, Choose type for map
  • MenuHeader menu type: Menu hamburger, inline menu. Menu item color, Submenu item color, Submenu item background color, Submenu background color, Submenu item border color, Menu underline item color.
  • Styles de policeTransparency for content, General Text Font Style, H1-H6 Font Style, “p” Style de police
  • ÉlémentsItems default catalog ordering, Quick view urls, Conditions & Conditions Page, Property Grid Type, Area units, Currency Options, Currency Position, Séparateur des milliers, Decimal Separator, Number of Decimals, Allow the user to use currency localization, Base Country
  • AdhésionEnable BACS System, Currency For Paid Submission, BACS options: Account name, Account number, Bank name, Sort code, IBAN, BIC / SWIFT. Free package: Package name, How many items are included?, How many featured items are included? Unlimited items, Unlimited featured items, Available package
  • SignetsDisplay bookmark activity of users
  • MessagerieFrom Name, From email address, Footer text, Additional SMTP Settings
  • Social connect – Facebook: App ID, Facebook secret code
  • Liens sociauxAdd link to your social media profiles. Icons with link will be display in footer.
  • Pages par défautArchive agency layout, Auteur & Agent layout, 404 fond, 404 texte
  • Pied de pageCopyright section, Social icons on/off, Footer columns
  • Code personnalisé – Code CSS, JS Code
  • Contenu de la démoLoad demo content for spotter theme

Spotter Visual composer shortcodes

  • Spotter MapSearch items on map
  • Spotter FAQ’sGet faq items listing
  • Spotter Featured BoxGet featured box
  • Spotter Price BoxDisplay tariffs with pricing tables
  • Spotter Text BannerDisplay text banner element
  • Spotter ListingDisplay listing items
  • Spotter items sliderDisplay items in slider
  • Spotter category listDisplay categories/taxonomies list on page
  • Formulaire de RegistreInsert register form
  • Sign In formInsert sign in form
  • The TeamInclude member list
  • The PartnersInclude partners list
  • The TestimonialsInclude testimonials list
  • Address blockCreate block with address and phones
  • Social icons blockCreate block with social icons
  • Searchbox blockCreate block with search form
  • Subscribe blockCreate block with subscribe form
  • Page excerpt blockCreate excerpt block on some page
  • Formulaire de contactCreate form for contacts

Directory Types Builder

Spotter theme allows you to create custom directory types

Options générales

  • Directory type iconFontAwesome Icon
  • Directory type imageReplace directory type icon by custom image file.
  • Price section – Oui/non
  • Location section – Oui/non
  • Features section – Oui/non
  • Category section – Oui/non
  • Galerie – Oui/non
  • Plans – Oui/non
  • Vidéos – Oui/non
  • Daily Menu – Oui/non
  • Open Hours – Oui/non
  • Sellers notes – Oui/non
  • Vue d'ensemble – Oui/non
  • Commentaires – Oui/non

Options d'affichage

  • CarteVisible map on single items page
  • Mise en pageChoose layout for single item page
  • Choose sidebarChoose sidebar for single item page
  • Choose information sidebarChoose sidebar for single item page

Champs avancés

  • Champ de texte
  • Link Field
  • Email Field
  • Date Field
  • Textarea Field
  • Champ de liste déroulante

How to setup theme


Toutes les photos sont pour la visualisation uniquement et ne sont pas inclus dans le package.

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