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Plugin description

Build for Super Forms with flexibility in mind. Meaning you have full control over how the user is being redirected to the cart or checkout. You will be able to add products to the cart based on user selected data/values. You can even use dynamic pricing when Nom de votre prix is installed. For the first time you will have full control over what will be added to the shopping cart. Add custom fees, apply custom discounts and even allow to add unlimited dynamic products. Charge users for creating / posting content with the Affichage frontal module, and charge users for registering with the S'inscrire & Login module.
Nous avons inclus 3 demo forms pour vous aider à démarrer.

Otohits.net, fast and efficient autosurf

Requires Super Forms v1.2.9 or higher.


Charge users for posting content (nécessite: Affichage frontal module)
Paid registration / Signup (nécessite: S'inscrire & Login module)
Dynamic pricing checkout (nécessite: Nom de votre prix module)
Dynamic products checkout
Apply coupon conditionally
Add fees conditionally

Available demo’s

WooCommerce Charge Registration
WooCommerce Charge Posting Content
WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing

Réglages disponibles:

Once you have installed and activated the plugin your Super Forms will be extended with the below settings (see image).

Tous les deux “Post status after payment complete” et “Registered user login status after payment completeare available only when Affichage frontal ou S'inscrire & Login add-on is installed.

For adding products to your cart you can either choose to retrieve product ID’s dynamically with {Tags} from the form data, or by entering a fixed product ID.
Please keep in mind that whenever the quantity of the product is set to “0” it will not be added to the cart.

In order to use a dynamic pricing, you will have to install and activate the Nom de votre prix add-on for WooCommerce.
If you want to use dynamic pricing and you won’t need the variation option you can either leave it blank, set it to “0”, or enter “aucun”.
If you need the variation, you can choose to enter the variation ID or retrieve the variation ID with the {Tag} from the form data.

Adding a fee to the checkout page works the same way as adding products.



Sep 21, 2016 - Version 1.0.0
- Version initiale!

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