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Créateur d’équipe est une prime multi-use WordPress plugin with main purpose of building awesome team showcase on your website. With this plugin you can build fantastic team showcase in very little time. It’s super easy and fun to deal with Team Builder thanks to powerful admin builder and shortcodes. And the best thing is it’s possible to use this plugin for crafting amazing testimonials or logo showcases. Basically it’s great for so many use cases built on image grid basis. Try your imagination and check out live demo!

Otohits.net, fast and efficient autosurf

Caractéristiques principales

  • Différentes mises en page: grille, curseurs, tables, widgets.
  • Liberté absolue sur la personnalisation de la conception.
  • Puissant de glisser et déposer des admin builder.
  • Entièrement sensible.
  • Clean and flexible design.
  • Style prédéfini presets pour chaque mise en page.
  • Multi-utilisation plugin: équipe, logos, testimonials etc (check live demo).
  • Effets de survol fantaisie sur votre choix.
  • Store employees as contacts for unlimited use.
  • Barre d'icônes sociales.
  • Shortcodes facile à utiliser.
  • Confortable et intuitive admin UIX.

Consider Team Builder as the most beautiful team showcase WordPress plugin with strong and handy admin panel. The last thing is a huge time saver and inspires you to build something fresh and unique. Jouer avec les paramètres, activer/désactiver ou ré-organiser les différents blocs, style ça et placer les shortcode sur votre page. C'est tout!

With this plugin you get unbelievable freedom on design customization. It’s possible to build any layout because you can both style and re-arrange any blocks. Basically you can build whole page using Team Builder only. Just use different templates and construct varied and interesting layout of your website. You’ll love that handy and powerful admin builder. Play with it and you’ll find unexpected design solutions for your WordPress website!


Version 1.0

- Fix for links hovering in 1.0.1
- Plugin est approuvé sur CodeCanyon

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