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Tradent Digital Cryptocurrency theme is the latest BitCoin theme from Designthemes to support you in your initiative on BitCoin investments and consultancy services. Que ce soit ICO-Initial Coin Offering, Blockchain technology, cryptocurrency investments and trading or acquiring Wallets like Bitcoin knots, Noyau, Green Address, and Armory, Tradent Digital Crypto theme will take care of it.

Venir avec 2 magnificent Homepages avec Qui sommes-nous, Cryptocurrency et Services page, to enable you to display all your services and portfolios in absolute splendor. De plus,, there is a separate page for Comment ça marche, BitCoin Guide, et Le portfolio Page to showcase your services.

En outre, Digital Crypto offers a plethora of shortcodes and 6 types of Blog Section, 12 types of shop sans compter que 9 variants of Portfolios! De plus,, 150+ shortcodes to configure different elements you may require on your site!
Digital Crypto is enabled for unlimited Header and Footer layout possibilities besides a rich Mega Menu feature so that the visitors are in a for a variety of displays of your site. En outre, they will be quickly whisked away to the different section of the site as result of the ease of navigation built into this theme.

Digital Crypto theme

Digital Crypto WordPress Theme is a perfect choice for the decentralized digital currency space. Using this innovative system, sending or receiving any amount of money with anyone else located anywhere on the planet becomes simple!
Digital Crypto WordPress theme is a perfect theme for individuals and businesses. If you are in digital or cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin wallets, Digital Crypto is a perfect fit to run your business in a simple way. En outre, financial consultancies for Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), Blockchain, and other cryptocurrency trading activities, Digital Crypto will be the perfect choice to create a simple website for running your complex financial business.

11 Crypto-currency Widgets:

Digital Crypto offers 11 Crypto-currency Widgets empowering your site into a powerful Crypto Currency Site.

BitCoin Charts:

BitCoin charts come in 2 formats namely a simple chart and an advanced chart that gives the graph of the comparison of the BitCoin in relation to the US Dollar. The advanced chart gives the position of the ratio on a day, semaine, mois, 3 months and 1 year as well as All. The advanced chart gives the line chart, candle and OHLC styles.

Liste des prix:

The cryptocurrencies price in terms of Indian rupees, US Dollars, Euro, Japanese Yen and British Pounds as a moving ratio is provided. There is also a Tabbed pricing table with Indian rupees, US Dollars, Australian Dollars and Euro. The historical fluctuations of the price is given on a day to day basis besides the open, haute, low and last price.

Crypto Currency Converter:

Crypto Currency converter is provided that gives the value of different BTC you would get for purchasing 1 BTC and so on. The complex comparison and exchange rates of BTC to Ethereum( ETH), Monero( XMR), Litecoin (LTC), and DASH are provided so that at any given moment your visitor can check the relative position of the value of the currency.


Enfin, the Ticker feature is provided which scrolls horizontally giving the value of the various cryptocurrencies vis-à-vis, BitCoin also known as BTC. This feature much like the movement of the scrip in a Stock Exchange gives the relative up and down the value of each unit of BTC in terms of ETH, XMR, LTC, and DASH.

BitCoin Calculator:

L’utilisation de cette fonctionnalité, which is very vital, one can easily know the price of 1 BTC in any currency like US dollar or Indian Rupees. The calculator as on date gives a value of Rs 576392.11 pour 1 BTC.

Crypto Compare:

This unique widget gives the relationship between various cryptocurrencies like Quebecoin, EtherDelta, ZoomCoin, WishFinance, BosonCoin, RipOffCoin, FireCoin, Halloween Coin, Honey and CryptoFocus to name just a few! Non seulement cela, this widget gives the relative position of the trades, analyse, markets, graphiques, Chronologie, and forums!
The Digital Crypto is a massive storehouse of information on various topics like Coins, Exchange, Wallets, Exploitation minière, Passer, and Portfolio. Quickly get a brush up of all the concepts and values here!

Key Features of Digital Crypto:

Réactif & Prêt de la rétine:

Being a 100 % Responsive and Retina Ready theme, Digital Crypto will load in any device of any screen resolution in a lightning-quick manner. Armed with a Powerful Admin Dashboard, Digital Crypto theme gives you the power to manage your business effortlessly!

Facilité de personnalisation:

Digital Crypto theme offers outstanding features pertaining to that niche so that you need not waste any time in configuring the theme to suit your business requirements. Even without having to write a single line of code, you can configure your site effortlessly!


Kirki est l’outil ultime pour thème les développeurs qui utilisent le Personnalisateur de WordPress. Digital Crypto theme lets you take advantage of its advanced features and flexibility. Simplement en faisant abstraction du code, Il est facile pour tout le monde à la conception d’interface utilisateur belle et utile.


Unyson is a free Plugin that is easy to configure. It offers the Drag & Drop framework coming as it does with a bundle of extensions which will work from the backend real fast and easy. Using Unyson, you can create backup and import demo content besides archiving the demo migration.

Unyson One Click Importer:

If you like the demo content in Digital Crypto theme, pas de problèmes. You can easily import the demo content using the Unyson One Click Importer. Non seulement cela, it saves you time as you need not create content from the scratch for your site.
Your site would look exactly like the theme demo page. You only need to customize and modify it to suit your requirements such as adding your logo and your content. Simply select the demo of your choice and by a single click, import all the dummy data and customize it suit your requirements. It is as simple as that!

WP Bakery Pagebuilder:

Formerly known as Visual Composer, WP Baker Pagebuilder makes designing of a site into a simple Drag and Drop affair that everyone would simply love to get their hands on. En utilisant le WYSIWYG-ce que vous voyez est ce que vous obtenir-interface, C’est un morceau de gâteau pour concevoir votre site Web comme un professionnel!

Visual compositeur ultime Addon:

Comprend Visual compositeur prime addon éléments comme les boîtes de l’icône, modèle Popups, Boîte d'informations, Bannière interactive, Flip Box, Liste des infos & Compteur. Meilleur de tous, it provides A Font Icon Manager allowing users to upload/delete custom icon fonts. Parallaxe, Arrière-plans vidéo, Effets de la ligne, Animations CSS3, polices d’icône et bien plus encore!

Révolution de curseur:

Révolution de curseur est une société innovante, réceptif Slider Plugin WordPress qui affiche votre contenu le beau chemin. S’agit-il d’un Slider, Carrousel, Scène des héros ou même une toute première Page, le visuel, Faites glisser & éditeur de dépôt vous permettra de raconter vos propres histoires en aucun temps! Construction moderne & Mobile-Friendly présentations. Création de contenu à l’aide de ces outils de création de contenus animés, garantirait que votre site auront un avantage sur les autres sites. Il est plus facile que vous pensez.

WP LayerSlider:

It is a premium multi-purpose animation platform. Diaporamas & image galleries with mind-blowing effects, gorgeously animated landing pages & blocs de la page, or even a full website can be created using LayerSlider. Every website can benefit from the capabilities of this plugin. The drag and drop visual editor makes it really easy for everyone to get started using LayerSlider. No coding or technical skills required. The ever-growing selection of importable templates are an ideal starting point for new projects and they cover every common use case from personal to corporate business. They are carefully crafted, aesthetically pleasing and can be easily customized to fit any needs. Great support and frequent updates ensure to make the most out of your purchase.

Aucun codage requis:

La traînée & Drop pagebuilder makes everyone a designer without the coding know-how! The power of Visual Composer is integrated in Digital Crypto Theme. Create pages quickly with few clicks in few minutes with the help of Visual Composer and custom Digital Crypto shortcodes.

Designthemes Core dispose de Plugin:

A simple WordPress Plugin designed to implement core features of DesignThemes. Version 1.0 ce plugin est intégré dans les thèmes de DesignThemes. This Plugin is a repertoire of all the shortcodes and custom post types by Designthemes. Il est compatible avec les extensions Visual Composer et d'autres API tierces. C'est pourquoi, la conception de la mise en page et les pages deviennent beaucoup plus simple avec ce plug-in.

Media File Manager:

This Plugin helps you manage your media files like images in a better way. You can make sub-directories in the upload directory, and move files into them. En même temps, this plugin modifies the URLs/path names in the database. De plus,, an alternative file-selector is added to the editing post/page screen, so that you can pick up media files from the subfolders easily.

Virtual Coin Widgets for VC:

If your website needs cryptocurrencies widgets, then Virtual Coin Widgets is your answer. VCW provides you 10 shortcodes on the fly beside providing 10 widgets pour votre page WordPress, so that you can share with your visitors market information for more than 1500+ cryptocurrencies.
Using its own admin panel Builder, create as much of shortcodes as needed. Juste plug and play, Cryptocurrency Market will be part of your WordPress project. Even easier with WPBakery Page Builder (Compositeur visuel). You can share 1500+ cryptocurrencies as well as price rates with more 160+ fiat currencies like the US Dollar. You don’t need to do any manual process as all the data is automatically updated every minute!

The Visualizer Charts & Graphs Lite:

When you need special tools such as charts and graphs to present your sales analysis, industry trends, and predictions besides inventory data, you need to only look at the Visualizer Plugin. which is a simple, easy to use and quite a powerful tool for analysis. C'est pourquoi, you can easily create and manage interactive charts and tables. De plus,, you can have them embedded in your website’s blog posts and pages. This plugin uses Google Visualization API to add responsive & animated charts/diagrams, which support cross-browser compatibility (adopting VML for older IE versions) and cross-platform portability to iOS and new Android releases. Is the best Excel to WordPress solution which lets you insert charts into your WordPress site using a simple chart builder.

Envato WordPress Toolkit:

If you have purchased any one of the many WordPress themes from ThemeForest.net, you will be able to take advantage of this Plugin. All you need is an Envato Marketplace username & Clé API. Envato WordPress toolkit is for Envato Marketplace hosted items.
It makes Install, upgrade and backup during upgrade quite easy and user-friendly. Using this Plugin it becomes simple to carry out the above-mentioned functionalities. This WordPress toolkit for authors of items available from the Envato Market sites which establish an Envato Marketplace API connection to take advantage of the new `wp-list-themes` & `wp-download` methods created specifically for this plugin.
Ainsi, these API methods grant access to information about your purchased themes and create temporary download urls for installing and upgrading those themes. Fondamentalement, users who have purchased themes from ThemeForest.net can now install and upgrade any theme that takes advantage of these new methods.


WooCommerce est un plugin eCommerce gratuit qui permet de vendre n’importe quoi, magnifiquement. Conçu pour s’intégrer facilement avec WordPress, WooCommerce est la solution d’eCommerce préférés du monde qui donne les propriétaires et les développeurs un contrôle complet. Le WooCommerce Plugin vous permettrait de vendre en ligne et recevoir des paiements dans plusieurs devises dès que votre site est configuré!

WP Store Locator

It is a powerful and easy to use location management system. Vous pouvez personnaliser l’apparence de la carte, et fournir des étiquettes personnalisées pour les champs de saisie. Les utilisateurs peuvent filtrer les résultats par rayon, et voir un itinéraire dans les magasins de proximité dans le langage qui est défini dans le panneau admin.

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist:

Cette liste de souhaits est l’une des fonctionnalités plus utiles d’un site de commerce électronique. D’un côté, Il encourage les utilisateurs à revenir, permettant aux produits suivi ils jugent intéressants jusqu'au niveau de l'achat. D'autre part, Si les utilisateurs partagent leurs envies — à des amis, ou par le biais de réseaux sociaux, cela permettra d’améliorer les ventes et contribuera à la promotion de votre entreprise en ligne.

YITH WooCommerce Zoom loupe:

With YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier you can add a zoom effect to all your product images and a thumbnail slider for the product image gallery. Naturellement, this improves the user experience which will result in improved sales. The WordPress plugin offers the visitors a chance to inspect in detail the quality of your products besides adding a slider below the featured image with your product gallery images.

Agenda des événements:

Le calendrier des événements est un soigneusement, extensible plugin that lets you easily share your events from your site in a beautiful way. Gestion des événements par jour, semaine, month or list is a breeze in Digital Crypto theme. Create your events in style and plan your events tickets and advance bookings for the events from your site.

Event Calendar pro:

Beau design, puissant & Caractéristiques facile à utiliser, and impeccable support. Events Calendar PRO comes loaded with a selection of well-designed views. You control which views you share with your users on the frontend Calendar View. The classic calendar never goes out of style. Especially with this fully responsive, tooltip-enabled view. View Detail, Affichage de la liste, Day View, Week View PRO, Map View PRO and Photo View PRO.

Formulaire de contact 7:

Digital Crypto theme offers Contact Form 7 à l’aide de laquelle vous pouvez créer autant de formulaires avec un nombre illimité d’entrées ligne champs de votre formulaire. Vous pouvez concevoir vos propres formulaires et limiter le spam et augmenter la conversion. Lorsque vous exécutez un site, Il peut y avoir des exigences différentes formes d’être configuré à tout moment. Formulaire de contact 7 toutes les poignées.

Importateur de WordPress:

The WordPress Importer will import the following content from a WordPress export file: Messages, pages, and other custom post types. De plus,, Commentaires, Custom fields and post meta, Catégories, Tags, custom taxonomies as well as Authors and more from a WordPress export file.

WP Clean Up:

This Plugin helps to clean up the wordpress database. Il fait le travail en supprimant “révision”, “projet”, “projet auto”, “Commentaires modérés” ,”Commentaires de spam”, “Commentaires de la corbeille”, “postmeta orpheline”, “orphelin commentmeta”, “relations de l’orphelines”, et “Tableau de bord transitoire d’alimentation”. WP Clean Up enables you to optimize your WordPress database without the need for coding by phpMyAdmin.


Breeze is a WordPress cache plugin with extensive options to speed up your website. Breeze is a free, puissant, user-friendly WordPress Caching Plugin developed by the Cloudways team. It offers various options to optimize WordPress performance at various levels. Breeze excels in the following areas: Performance: Breeze improves website speed and resource optimization. Other features include file-level level cache system, database cleanup, modification. Convenience: Breeze is easy to install and configure directly from WordPress. Simplicité: Breeze is designed to be simple for all users. Just install and activate the plugin and you’ll see the results instantaneously.

Régénérer les miniatures:

Régénérer les vignettes permet de régénérer les miniatures pour vos pièces jointes image. Ceci est particulièrement utile si vous avez changé de dimensions quelconques de votre vignettes. Ou a été modifié à un nouveau thème avec post recommandés différentes dimensions de l’image. Vous pouvez soit régénérer les miniatures pour tous les téléchargements d’image, télécharge des images individuelles, ou spécifique multiple upload d’image.

Shortcodes à gogo:

Digital Crypto theme offers a plethora of shortcodes (150+ to be exact!) to configure your modules like tabs, Accordéons, boutons, et info-bulles. Puits, presque tous les besoins imaginables ont été analysées et ces codes abrégés ont été ajoutés. Toutes les exigences de votre site pour les blocs de citation, Boutons & Listes, Carrousel, Colonnes, L'information de contact, Shortcodes contenu, Messages personnalisés, Boîtes fantaisies, Boîtes de l'icône, Image avec légende, Divers, Compteur nombre, Tableau des prix, Barre de progression, Onglets & Cabillots, Équipe, Témoignages, Témoignages de carrousel, Chronologie et typographie.


Avec plus de 600+ Google webfonts et les icônes FontAwesome, vous pouvez définir n’importe quel couleur ou la taille de votre site et conception de vos pages à volonté. Vous allez devenir un designer professionnel en ajoutant les polices Google avec le champ de la typographie. De plus,, vous pourriez ajouter des info-bulles pour aider vos utilisateurs.

Soutien légendaire:

À l’aide de la documentation complète, knowledge base and video tutorials you can get any clarification you may require about Digital Crypto theme, 24/7.


Images utilisées dans la démo ne sont pas inclus par téléchargement, ces images sont sous copyright, Si vous envisagez d’utiliser des photos nous pouvons fournir les liens pour acheter une licence.

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