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Avec ce plugin, you can display the variable product images directly on the single product page. And customers can select a variable product simply by clicking on the image for that variation.

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This feature is ideal when you have unique images for each variable product and want to show how they lookfor example makeup in different, unique variations.

Se the screenshots for an example of how it looks!

The purchase includes updates and support for 6 mois.


Pour chaque produit, you can select, whether you want to show the default dropdown or display the variable product images. A checkbox will be added to backend when activating the plugin.

You can also select whether you wish to display the variation titles or simply display the images.

Create the variable products as you normally do, with price and image for each variation. If you have checked the checkbox, the images for the variable product will be displayed on the single product page.

Instead of having to select the attributes in one or more dropdowns, each variable product will simply be displayed with an images and title.

By clicking on an image, that variable product is selected, the price of that variable product will be displayed and it can be added to cart.

The styling is responsive, so that it looks good on tablets and mobile phones as well.

Comment mettre en place:

1. Download the plugin in a zip file from CodeCanyon
2. Go to your WP-admin area – Plugins – Ajouter un nouveau – Télécharger. Select the zip file that you just downloaded, installer et activer.
3. Go to your product page. In ‘Product Datayou will see a new tab, named ‘Variation Images Settings’. Vérifier le 2 checkboxes in this tab, save your product and take a look at how your variations look now :-)

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