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Wheelsberry – Car Rental WordPress Theme / Landing PageWheelsberry – Car Rental WordPress Theme / Landing PageWheelsberry – Car Rental WordPress Theme / Landing Page

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Wheelsberry is a WordPress theme suitable for car rental services. It’s designed in a landing page style and allows customers to get quickly all necessary information, choose a car, and make a booking. Wheelsberry provides Cars, Bureaux (car rental station locations), and extra rent options (like GPS navigator, baby seat, etc..) base de données. Beautiful cars slider will help customers to choose a car and clean booking form will let to book it in a moment. Services, Sur, Commentaires, Emplacements (displayed on Google maps), Contacts and other useful content blocks on the page are managed by popular page builder – Compositeur visuel, which is included into the Theme.

Remarque: this theme does not provide full booking process and online cars availability management, it’s just like a landing page. Booking form allows customer to choose a car from a list, other rental options, provide personal inforamtion and submit booking request. Ainsi, rent owner receives booking request by email and further communication between rent owner and customer goes beyond the site.

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