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Wise Mag is the wisest AD optimized magazine blog WordPress theme for all people, en particulier pour les blogueurs et entrepreneurs en ligne. It is unique, léger, solide comme le roc et flamboyantes rapidement pour répondre à vos besoins. C'est simple, clean and visually comfortable which dramatically increases site visitors. Homepage can be created with unlimited combination possibilities of 5 block layout style, plus featured contents. Unlimited colors and fonts are available with freedom to customize your blog/site dynamically. You can even switch to dark or light color style of your choice to the maximum awesomeness. Load your site smoothly with 12 preloaders to choose from which is embedded with the theme.

It is designed specifically for bloggers, writers and blog marketers because it has a feature which you can’t find most at other WordPress theme. Une de ses caractéristique importante est la clause de non-responsabilité auto affilié ajout dynamique de divulgation/disclaimer sur chaque blog posts. Another is the AD and Adsense compatibility. You can insert it to posts, pages, homepage or even on header and footer which is significantly easy to control based on your preferences without needing a plugin that may bloat your site.



Caractéristiques complètes

Wise Mag is created passionately to provide the wisest magazine WordPress theme for all people. Activating the theme will unlock its undeniable features listed below.

  • 100% Entièrement sensible
  • Prêt de la rétine
  • Couleurs illimitées
  • 700+ Google Fonts
  • Fontawesome Fonts
  • Chargement rapide
  • Page d'accueil illimité
  • Sidebar illimité
  • Dark and Light Color Style
  • Moteur de recherche optimisé
  • Clean Code and Rock-solid framework
  • Intégré Google reCAPTCHA
  • Syntax Highlighter for codes
  • Balises Meta sage
  • Optimized for AD or Adsense
  • Wise Auto Affiliates Disclaimer
  • Populaires messages par jour, semaine, mois ou année
  • Enable/Disable Posts Date
  • Fonctionnalités de défilement sage
  • Onglets sages
  • Bouton retour en haut
  • Sticky Menu and Sidebar
  • Wise Theme Options Panel
  • Grille et bloc Post mise en page
  • 5 Mise en page du bloc, +Featured Contents
  • Deux pied Style, Widgetized and Single
  • Boutons de médias sociaux léger
  • Automatique en vedette Post
  • Enfant thème Compatible
  • Formulaire de connexion personnalisée
  • Traduction prêt
  • Automatic Updates via Envato Toolkit
  • Formulaire de Contact de prise en charge 7
  • Widgets puissants
    • Homepage Widgets
      • #Accueil – Complexe 1 Bloc
      • #Accueil – Complexe 2 Bloc
      • #Accueil – Complexe 3 Bloc
      • #Accueil – Complexe 4 Bloc
      • #Accueil – Defaults Block
      • #Accueil – Featured Contents
      • #Accueil – Wise Ticker
    • #Sage sur
    • #Annonces sages
    • #Sages messages populaires
    • #Messages récents sages
    • #Script de sage
    • #Sitelinks sage
    • #Les médias sociaux sage Footer
    • #Sage s’abonner à un pied de page
    • #Sage s’abonner Sidebar
    • #Onglet sage messages
    • #Alerte de texte sage
  • Documentation actualisée et soutien amical

Compatible Blog Type

Faire preuve de créativité. Explore possibilities. Being customizable on its fonts, couleurs, posts block (grid or defaults), layout column, post recommandé, style du pied de page, you can create different types of blog you need such as:

  • News Magazine Blog
  • Lifestyle Magazine Blog
  • Technology Magazine Blog
  • Fashion Magazine Blog
  • Travel Magazine Blog
  • Blog Magazine culinaire
  • Health Magazine Blog
  • Entertainment Magazine Blog
  • Sports Magazine Blog
  • Et bien plus encore…

Wise Mag is the perfect choice to run a news, magazine and blog site using WordPress. It is created specifically for bloggers and online entrepreneurs which maximizes revenue through AD, Adsense and affiliate marketing. You are also assured of its quality and features because it is created with love and passion by Probewise.

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