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Woo Product Collections Organize or gather your products and display it as a collection in a grid or slider view for more user engadgement. The newer way to display related products togather.

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User can view collection products in a stand alone page with your theme inherited layout.


Here you will find the main features which are included in plugin.

  • Create unlimited collections.
  • Display collections category wise.
  • 8 predefined collection style.
  • Display collcetion in a grid view.
  • Display collcetion in a slider view.
  • Présentation de la maçonnerie.
  • Display collection products in a stand alone page with theme inherited layout.
  • Set custom link on a collection.
  • Set collection height via shortcode.
  • Display collection products in your desired order with easy Drag & Drop feature.
  • Glisser facilement & Drop features for collection products.
  • Display collection with title and description.
  • Display number of products in a collection.
  • Display your desired image in a collectio rather then product featured image.
  • Plugin setting page with default product image and collection view page.
  • Custom CSS options via plugin settings.
  • Mode carrousel.
  • Slider RTL support.
  • Slider various parameters like autoplay, Vitesse, looping, slider arrows and etc.
  • Entièrement sensible.
  • Set collection “Ordre” et “OrderBy” sorting parameters via shortcode.
  • Strong shortcode parameters.
  • 100% MultilanguageWoo Product Collections is completely translatable both in front and back-end.


S'il vous plaît voir la Documentation du plugin pour apprendre à utiliser le plugin.

Prise en charge:

Si vous avez des questions qui sont qui ne figurent pas dans la documentation, N'hésitez pas à nous contacter support@infornweb.com

Journal des modifications:

= Version 1.0 =
* [+] Initial Release.

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