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WP News Slider Widgets Documentation

If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this
documentation, please feel free to email us:
upscalethoughtsoln@gmail.com .

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Plugin installation

Il y a 2 ways to install a WordPress plugin:

  1. using the WordPress installer
  2. uploading the plugin via FTP

1. Using the WordPress installer

  1. Atteindre Plugins > Ajouter un nouveau
  2. Cliquez sur Télécharger
  3. Sélectionnez la wp-news-slider-widgets.zip fichier
  4. Cliquez sur Install now
  5. Once the plugin has been installed click Activer le Plugin

2. Uploading the plugin via FTP

  1. Upload the wp-news-slider-widgets folder into the wp-content/plugins / folder on your server
  2. Once the plugin is uploaded log into WordPress and go to Plugins
  3. Find the WP News Slider Widgets Pro plugin et cliquez sur Activer le Plugin

Plugin updates

In order to add new functionalities, to stay up to date with the
WordPress software evolution, to correct bugs, WP News Slider Widgets Pro plugin is regularly
mise à jour.

Updating does not affect the content of your site. All the settings and data associated with the plugin will stay the same.

Il y a 2 ways to update the plugin:

  • Mise à jour automatique
  • FTP update

Whatever method you should backup your website.
It is not compulsory but periodically backing up your entire
installation (entire directory structure + base de données) is a good idea,
especially before making any type of update to themes, plugins, core
fichiers, etc..
Learn more about backups ici.

Mise à jour automatique

If you entered your admin->plugins page you will get WP News Slider Widgets Pro plugin in the plugin list.
you will get notifications of new plugin releases directly on the plugin page and
you will be able to update in one click. Grâce à la Update now action.

FTP update

  1. Go on the downloads page of CodeCanyon and download the plugin again
    (when you download the plugin you always get the latest version available)
  2. Unzip the plugin (you need to get an unzipped wp-news-slider-widgets dossier
    that can be uploaded on your server later on)
  3. Go on the plugin page and deactivate WP News Slider Widgets Pro plugin
  4. On your server delete the wp-news-slider-widgets folder which is located in
    wp-content/plugins (note that this will not delete the WP News Slider Widgets Pro settings
    since they are stored in your WordPress installation).
  5. Upload the wp-news-slider-widgets folder you have just unzipped into the wp-content/plugins/ folder
  6. Go on the plugin page and activate WP News Slider Widgets Pro plugin

Admin News Options

In this section of the documentation, you will find information regarding the News Slider Admin News Options.

For the plugin to work correctly you need to create news with or without news.

Below is the Add New News page

Here you need to give title of the news, Description of the News and you can upload a image for that news.

and then there is an option to set the status of the news. active or in-active.

Below is the News Listing page

Here you will get all created news as a list. you can delete any news you want from here. and you can edit a news from this page.
Below is a example of exit page:

News Slider Widget Settings

In this section of the documentation, you will find information regarding the Widget Settings menu.

Below is the News Slider Widget

In Widget settings you can do below things:

  1. Set title Caption.
  2. Title position
  3. Title Color and News title color
  4. News Description Color
  5. Couleur d'arrière-plan
  6. you can choose Sliding effects. there are around 27 effects option to choose.
  7. you can set timeout and speed of news sliding.
  8. you can choose a color theme from a dropdown of around 23 Thème.
  9. you can choose to show pager or hide it.
  10. you can choose pager color , and pager color active.
  11. height of the news slider
  12. height and width of the image etc….

Actualités Slider

In this section of the documentation, you will find information regarding the Actualités Slider menu.

Below is the Dynamically designed Custom Widget

This is an example output of news slider widget.

  1. you can design slider widget according to your choise from admin.
  2. you can place the widget any widget area
  3. you can create multiple widget and show in different widget area or footer.
  4. you can give only text or only imagfe or both image and text.
  5. if you want you can inactive or active any particular news.

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