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The ultra-professional gravity form SMS plugin
The most comprehensive SMS plugin for the popular WordPress Form Builder
Exclusive features:
In order to see the specifications, make sure to visit the screenshots. However, below we will mention some of the features in brief:
1. The possibility to define an infinite mobile number of Admins for each form.
2. The possibility to send SMS messages to users (defining the mobile field)
3. The possibility to send messages to additional numbers
4. The possibility to create infinite feeds and ability to use conditional logic for each feed
5. Compatibility with every mobile number’s mask input
6. The possibility to define country codes in a static or dynamic mode (based on the desired field)
7. Compatibility with payment gateways (ability to arrange sending messages after successful, unsuccessful, etc. payments)
8. Includes many merge tags such as Payment Transaction code, Payment Gateway name, etc.
9. The added feature of SMS meta-box in each entry to enable sending responses quickly and easily within a message
10. The possibility to send group messages to several entries
11. The possibility to send messages to any particular number
12. Keeps a record of the messages’ details in notes
13. Records all sent messages in a special table
14. Compatibility with popular SMS gateways
For Adding your Gateway Contact me.
15. Verifies the mobile number via SMS before Submitting the form (ability to define verification code mask input and also to enter verification codes manually)
16. The addition of WP SMS plugin Subscription group fields so that individuals would be subscribed to WP SMS Subscription groups after filling out the forms (this field consists of advanced and professional settings: Subscription, Unsubscibe, the selection of subscription groups by the user, mandatory selection of the Subscription groups, etc.)

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