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Grouped or Individual Countries Map – WordPress

Grouped or Individual Countries Map” plugin offers WordPress site authors to create a countries/territories/regions map for different purposes.

You can select zoom levels, default latitude/longitude to focus, colors of listed and unlisted areas, map legends or informations, URL/Links for countries or groups etc.

You can create as much maps as you require – no restrictions on quantity, and can simply use them by using automatically generated shortcodes.

#What can be done specifically using this plugin?

  • This plugin can be used to create a map of regions by combining countries.
  • Or it can be used to group countries in a map.
  • Or even it can be used to produce a simple countries map with custom color and data.
  • Or for any other generic purposes, like presenting infomation using a map.

Some Key Features:

  • Create as many countries/regions/groups as you want
  • Custom colors and other presentation parameters.
  • Support URL/Links for countries/regions/groups
  • Support custom pop-up texts
  • Easy to use shortcode, which generates automatically.
  • Quick Start page for backend/dashboard
  • And many more…

Sample Live Demos:


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