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CUSTOMERS LOVE TO BUY Woocommerce Import/Export Customers,Orders and Cupons in WooCommerce THEM BUY!

Bulk customer, coupon and order Import/Export in WooCommerce is a flexible tool for importing or exporting orders, customers, and coupons with all relevant details to WooCommerce using CSV file. This enables you to import or export details of all customers, regardless whether the checkout process was made as a registered user or a guest.


A busy online shopping store sees a bulk of orders on a daily basis. If you plan to migrate to another WooCommerce store, it can be a challenging process as it requires a lot of efforts and time, and of course complications of the data being lost during the process. Bulk customer, coupon and order Import/Export in WooCommerce is a fast, flexible and efficient plugin, allowing store owners to export all the data such as customer, coupon and orders.
This is a simple plugin that integrates to your online shopping store and helps you to import and export orders, customers and coupon related information from other WooCommerce installations within a few clicks via CSV file. It allows you to create a CSV file, upload it and import orders in one go!
This plugin performs the process very rapidly and uses little server resources, ensuring that you don’t have problems with importing or exporting any amount of order data.

Key Features

Import or Export orders for all customers

Whether it’s about importing or exporting details of registered customers or people who checked out as guest, this plugin can make the process easier and flawless.

Import Orders without Worrying About Duplicates

This plugin overwrites the value of imported information in case it contradicts with one of the existing orders in the database. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about any order duplicates.

Import Details with Filter
Import or export product orders, customers or coupons with filters using order status, start date, end date, with particular number and offset.

Export unlimited profiles

Supports an unlimited amount of orders, coupons and customer details via CSV file and theirs is no limit with regards to how many objects can be exported. If you want to export limited number of records, define the number.

1. Export Orders CSV File.

(All status orders-> on-hold, completed,refunded,processing,cancelled, pending,failed).
Filter on base of Order Status , StartDate, End Date, Limit and Offset.
2. Export Customers CSV File.
Filter on base of StartDate, End Date, Limit and Offset.
3. Export Coupons CSV File.
Filter on base of StartDate, End Date, Limit and Offset.

1. Import Customers CSV File.

If there is Password Field Null, Password generated randomly and send the email of password to customer.
If Userlogin already exist , gives validation error.
2. Import Coupons CSV File.
Duplicate Coupon will not insert into database.
3. Import Orders CSV File .

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