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InstaShow is a Premium Instagram Feed Cornerstone Extension for sharing photos from one of the most popular social networks in the world. We strived for user-friendly UI and fascinating customization to introduce the most flexible Instagram Feed for Cornerstone.

Millions of profiles, infinite number of photos and the aspiration for getting new followers are reasons why Instagram becomes a place for brand and self-promotion. InstaShow will be the perfect plugin for such purpose!

This version of Instagram feed is developed specially for the new WordPress Page Builder Cornerstone. Just drag & drop InstaShow element in the builder and see the result at one stroke. With Cornerstone installation of the Instagram feed is the work of a moment!

Customization of any plugin is a corner stone for the best experience on your website. That’s why you will be able to change whatever you’d like in InstaShow.
60+ adjustable parameters for estimating true power of our feed. Don’t hesitate to play with all of them!

InstaShow Cornerstone Extension – Amazing Look for Your Images!

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Our support team is ready to answer on any kind of questions.
Do not hesitate to ask – we will figure out how to help you!

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