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Protect your entire WordPress by using a number of security tools.

What it includes?

Banning, Malicious File Scanner, Flood protection, XSS protection, Fake clients protection, Proxy protection and the list goes on. Even Hide your WordPress if you want to.

Malicious File Scanner

IP Bans

Hide WordPress – takes just a single click


Just for an example (otherwise of course the plugin hides your theme, changes and renames your plugins name, path, etc and a lot more):

The old admin URL: http://shieldplugin.oraksoft.com/wp-admin/

New admin URL: http://shieldplugin.oraksoft.com/administrator/

What the “WordPress Detectors” think about the websites hidden with OrakShield?

Redirect / Error Pages

You can edit the pages that the users are redirected to by using the WordPress’ editor.


Of course, everything is getting logged.

What it requires?

  • Apache
  • PHP5/5+
  • WordPress 4/4+

Important notice about the Proxy protection:

Please pay attention that this isn’t a bulletproof proxy protection (and probably there isn’t out there), so it’s just a thing you need to know about. However, we will keep updating our proxy detection algorithm, so nothing to worry about.


We provide top-notch support for all of our customers! Feel free to contact us. We will be really happy to answer all of your questions and to solve the problem together.

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